Over the past two decades Equipment Recycle has developed relationships all over the world. We help turn your surplus or under utilized equipment into working capital. We pride ourselves on handling all of your liquidation related inconveniences.

Equipment Recycle is a full-service equipment broker. Take the hassle out of removing and selling excess equipment by hiring us, and reap the rewards. We provide the following services: Outright Equipment Purchase, Equipment Consignment Services and Equipment Auction Services. Let the team at Equipment Recycle handle it for you!

Equipment Auction Services

Equipment Recycle provides commercial equipment auctions. Our team will organize and itemize your inventory and market your auction on various online platforms.

Equipment Recycle’s auction service is for clients who are trying to liquidate a business or large quantities of equipment. In most cases this is a 60-day process from beginning to end. Best of all, we can come directly to your facility OR host auctions at our warehouse.

Initially we will review and access your equipment to determine the quality. Then, we strategically catalog your equipment to maximize its visibility. Next, we upload your equipment with high-quality pictures and a relevant description to one of our action platforms. We will market the equipment for approximately 30 days thereafter.

While promoting it online, Equipment Recycle will host an auction preview for potential buyers to view and inspect your equipment. When your event has closed, we will facilitate payment from buyers and update you with the end-of-auction results.

We will also work with your buyers in the removal process. Our team is quick and courteous. We will settle once we complete the equipment removal process and clear all payments.

To learn more, visit Equipment auction services.

Equipment Consignment Services

Equipment Recycle can take possession of your equipment, or you can keep it until we find your buyer. We will list your item or items on various online platforms to be viewed by our existing client base and thousands of potential buyers.

Equipment Recycle originally started with consigning equipment. This option is perfect if you have equipment that is very specific or has high value! In online sales, we strive to find the right buyer to maximize your profit. This process allows us to market your item on various online platforms and through our extensive email list.

This is a percentage-based commission. The commission will depend on the sale price of your equipment, the amount of time listed, and marketing cost.

To learn more, visit Equipment consignment services.

Outright Equipment Purchase

We will outright purchase your equipment from you. It’s a great option to quickly clear space, don’t have a financial attachment, or need to convert assets to cash. We offer fair market prices based on the following components: Condition, Resale Value, Handling and Time Frame.

This is our most commonly used option. This is the perfect option if you are just looking to liquidate equipment. You don’t have to wait for payment like the auction and consignment options. This is also the fastest way to move surplus equipment.

Clients who commonly use this option usually don’t have a lot of time. Their tenants might have left them with equipment that they need gone. Or the upgrading and decommissioning of equipment is pausing operations for too long. Some of our clients even find various types of equipment while demolishing buildings.

Our Outright Purchase process allows our clients to move on, and leaves the outcome of that equipment in our hands! To learn more, visit Outright equipment purchase services.

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