Over the past two decades Equipment Recycle has developed relationships all over the world. We help turn your surplus or under utilized equipment into working capital. We pride ourselves on handling all of your liquidation related inconveniences. The services we provide are as followed: Outright Purchase, Consignment and Auction. Let the team at Equipment Recycle handle it for you.


We will come to your place of business. Organize and itemize your inventory and market your auction on various online platforms.


Equipment Recycle can take possession of the equipment, or you can keep it until there is a we find your buyer. We list your item or items on various online platforms, where it can be viewed by our existing customer base and thousands of potential buyers.

Outright Purchase

Outright purchasing is a great option if you need to quickly clear a space, don’t have a financial attachment or need to convert assets to cash. We offer fair market prices based on the following components: Condition, Resale Value, Handling and Time Frame.

Equipment We Accept

Medical Surplus Equipment​
Restaurant Equipment​ auctions
Electrical Equipment​ Auctions


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